The boat

There will be times when you watch others go through misfortune with no way to help them. So you stand still and you pray, meanwhile being thankful you are spared such pain. There will also be times when you watch others pray for your situation. So you stand still and pray that you may survive…

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my Du’a

If I had a theme for the departed Ramadan 2018, it would be du’a (1). I entered this blessed month with a very heavy heart; one that carried the overbearing weight of the previous eleven months. A heart drained by routine, disappointment, dwindling hopes, unmet potential…The imperfect and deceiving nature of this world tends to…

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my Canvas

As Ramadan nears its end, I begin to reflect on how quickly it flew by. I was reading Quran one night, my eyes were slowly going through the rich arabic words, trying to decipher every meaning and visualise every verse. Fighting to clear my clustered heart with the serenity of Allah’s word. Nearing the end…

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my Jannah

my Heaven Asiyah RAA, the wife of the pharaoh, had everything a woman could possibly want in this world. She has the palaces, the riches, the power, the beauty, the comfort. When prophet Musa AA came with the belief that God is One. She found in that message a truth that this world could not…

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To be beautiful

Like any other woman or man, I want to be beautiful. My understanding of beauty, however, evolved along with my understanding of my faith. I was never able to embrace fashion, or keep up with beauty trends. The industry is constantly changing, constantly deceiving. I first had to establish who I want to be beautiful…

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Living “Alhamdulilah”

Alhamdulilah; all praise and thanks is due to Allah We often forget that thikr (the mention or remembrance of Allah s.w.t) is an obligation to every Muslim. We are commanded to be in constant remembrance of Allah s.w.t in the Qur’an, just as we are commanded to pray our five daily prayers (1). Both are…

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