Allah swt created us as beings with emotion and intellect; two blessings He gifted us and no other creation in the world. He then sent us a faith that catered to our emotions, teaching us how to use them, control them and grow with them. Our creator, the most Wise, did not leave us hanging and did not forget us. He knows, more than us, what we show and conceal in our hearts. He knows our pains and our joys. He understands our confusions, and has all solutions to our problems. He even tells us that He is closer to us than our jugular vein. He promises us that He is near and that He responds to the call of His creation.

Don’t be ashamed of your emotions, they are a gift to you from your creator! Don’t try to conceal them from Him, because He already knows. Speak them to Him! Call on Him! Look for Him! Ask Him! He is waiting for you to turn to Him so that He may embrace you with His mercy, as He did for so many before you and will continue to do for the rest of time.



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