The power of words

We have underestimated the power of our words and for this we are paying a heavy price. We have forgotten that words weigh heavily on the hearts. Hearts that are already carrying the overbearing weights of life and its distress. If they did not have such an impact, why then did our beloved Prophet SAAW warn us against the harm of our tongues? Why then did he advise us to keep silent unless we had something good to say? Our words can either build a person, or break them. They can be the last push needed to help them flourish and become an epitome of greatness, or they can be the last push required to let them crumble under loads of pain. Humans are gifted with words and language, unlike any other of Allah’s creations. We must use them wisely knowing that with them we can walk the path of goodness, or of evil. With them we can make a person smile or cry. With them we can express the beauty of our hearts or the ugliness that we hide. With them we are invincible;  without them we are nothing.



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