How will you build your heaven today?

I have a paper on my wall with the question “How will you build your heaven today?” sloppily written on it with my less than perfect handwriting. It is beside my dresser, in front of which I stand every morning to prepare for the day. I put it up there when I felt I was slipping.

My prayers were slipping. I kept forgetting my morning athkar. My Quran recitation wasn’t as frequent anymore. Even in terms of my health, I wasn’t eating as well and wasn’t exercising as regularly as I used to. My time was being spent on all the wrong things and my efforts were going in all the wrong directions. What hurt the most was how dry and dull my connection with Allah swt became. I was so disappointed in myself.

Alhamdulilah I am getting better. I am trying to pull myself where I want to be in terms of my faith, my health and my life goals.

A few times, I was asked how I manage to keep my faith at such a level? The answer is quite frankly, I don’t. It is a constant struggle. But here are a few things that make my journey a little easier, and hopefully yours as well!

  1. Surround yourself only with Good Company

Surround yourself by people who will empower you every step of the way. These people are the ones that care to know your goals and where you want to be in life. Then they will make sure you are doing your best to get there. They will see the goodness in you and amplify it. They will see faults in you and love you in spite of them.

  1. Be Good Company

Who are you to your friends? Are you as supporting and as loving as you want them to be to you? It’s important to know that friendship, love, affection and support must be mutual in order to last!

  1. Religious Gatherings

The only way to get good at any subject is by attending classes or any form of groups that teach it and follow up with your progress. I feel that practising your faith is quite the same. Halaqas are, with all honesty, what keep me going. While all the other days of the week drain my spiritual energy, the day I attend a halaqa is the day I am revived!

  1. Small yet consistent acts of worship

On many occasions our beloved prophet saaw highly encouraged the small yet consistent acts of worship. They are most beloved to Allah swt and they have the deepest impact on your heart and soul. Persistence is strength!

  1. Choose one form of worship that you love and master it!

Alhamdulilah Islam is so diverse in its forms of worship. Your every daily activity can be worship with the proper intention. Sometimes you may enjoy or feel one form a lot more than another. Then don’t hesitate to indulge! All in moderation of course. I, for example, feel that my two strongest and most enjoyed forms of worship are thikr and du’a. I try my best to fill all my free time with them!

  1. Whatever you are most struggling with, put it on your wall!

In order to help me with my prayers, I have a bright yellow paper on my wall with “Pray all 5 prayers ON TIME” written on it. We are forgetful creatures, so make sure you are always reminding yourself of what you need to improve on!

  1. Make du’a

Always ask Allah swt to help you grow closer to Him through worship. Ask Him to open your heart to all that He loves and to distance you from all the He dislikes. Ask Him for all that you wish to improve on and all that you wish to achieve.

Most importantly, wake up every morning and ask yourself; how will you build your heaven today? Every single breath you take is a chance to add to your jannah! Mansions, castles, trees, gardens, rivers, fruits, beautiful clothing, unimaginable comfort…

If your life in this world is not contributing to your hereafter, then are you truly living?


So these are a few things that have helped me maintain my faith! Comment below with what helps you. 🙂


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