Today we break, tomorrow we heal

I think the most beautiful thing about humans, is that we adapt. A concept of survival of the fittest that’s coded into our very being. We go through external and internal wars on a daily basis, fighting to grow, to feel, to want, to give and to achieve.

We take our innate capacity to survive for granted, not realising that as a perfect creation of our lord, we were designed to thrive.

Our lord did not make us to fail, and stay in failure. He did not bring us into a world of such perfection and sustenance to decay and wither with the dust. He made us leaders of this earth to survive and create and flourish.

From the day we leave our mother’s womb to the day we are lowered into our grave, we are promised to break and to heal and all over again. The resistance and tenacity of a child in war. A mother in loss and a yearning heart. All broken and put together again with a divine glue of hope. A hope that carries us day by day, flickering through the storms and at times much brighter.

Growth only has one direction as survival only has one outcome, and it is to heal and to become.




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