He feels my pain more than even myself. He celebrates my joys more than anyone else. He hears my thoughts, even when unspoken. He loves me more than a heart can ever love. He is ready to forgive my mistakes and embrace my faults. He reveals my goodness and conceals my imperfections. He guides me…



At times, I feel that my prayers float in a vacuum of uncertainty. Not because I don’t believe Allah SWT has heard them, but because I believe I have not yet let them go. They are still tied to my heart with strings of doubt and confusion. And so begins my internal tug of war;…

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The void

Sometimes a void digs so deep into your heart, even a breath becomes difficult. You become vulnerable to the external pressures of this world. Materialistic desires and worldly concerns begin seeping into your mind and soul until the slightest push or the softest wind can break you. This is your spirituality screaming for help. It…

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All doors may close

The sweetness of faith is that all doors may close, except that of prayer. A few desperate words leaving your mouth, as painfully as a portion of your heart being torn apart. The agony of having no way…the sweetness of having One God. He, to whom we belong, to whom we shall return, to whom…

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Islam is life

For me, Islam alone is a blessing worth a lifetime of my gratitude. A holistic faith, that provided me with both external and internal support in all aspects of my life. It mended my broken pieces with its soundness and beauty. It embraced my imperfections and tamed my insecurities. It lit me a path of…

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Our beloved Prophet SAAW

It took me forever to understand why in Islam we must love the Prophet Mohammed SAAW. I couldn’t apprehend why I had to love someone I never met or why it was so essential in my faith. Many had given me theoretical answers to my doubts. They were convincing but dry, I couldn’t feel them.…

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My Hijab

I am Muslim by conviction. I am Muslim by appearance. I am Muslim by the choices that I make and the risks that I take. I am Muslim every step of the way. I have been Muslim since the start of my life, till the present moment and during every phase in between. That, however,…

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Alhamdulilah for every happiness and comfort. Alhamdulilah for what you have taken, you are the Most Wise. Alhamdulilah for what you have given, you are the Most Generous. Alhamdulilah for every challenge, you are the Most Merciful. Alhamdulilah for every accomplishment, you are the Bestower. Alhamdulilah again and again, always and forever, until my heart…

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The process

I find peace and tranquility in that my faith is one of process and not of outcome. I am at ease knowing that the result of all my efforts is in the hands of a divine power, one that created the heavens, the earth and everything in between. I am in awe knowing that my…

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