The power of words

We have underestimated the power of our words and for this we are paying a heavy price. We have forgotten that words weigh heavily on the hearts. Hearts that are already carrying the overbearing weights of life and its distress. If they did not have such an impact, why then did our beloved Prophet SAAW…

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Live your pages!

Happiness is not a destination. It is a process. We are often rushing through the pages of our lives seeking a treasure chest of ultimate joy on the last page. But happiness is present in every single page! It is up to us to find it between the lines. We must search for it, squeeze…

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Allah swt created us as beings with emotion and intellect; two blessings He gifted us and no other creation in the world. He then sent us a faith that catered to our emotions, teaching us how to use them, control them and grow with them. Our creator, the most Wise, did not leave us hanging…

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Our prophet SAAW taught us that patience is light in darkness, it is the way when lost, it is the solution to every problem, it is both conceptual and practical. I grew up knowing this in theory, perceiving patience as a fuzzy warm feeling you get when deciding to share your favorite toy or when…

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To be tested

I often wondered what my school life would have been like without tests or quizzes or exams or finals. For a long while I was convinced that I would be doing so much better, that if I had the choice, I would choose to never be tested. But the last few years have taught me…

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Your prayers

Make your prayers beautiful, as you are addressing He who loves beauty. Make them elegant and well said. Full of honesty, sincerity and love. Make them long with emotion, or short and precise. In them thank Him for His kindness, glorify Him for His greatness, praise Him and ask of Him. Fill your prayers with…

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